Sunday, May 18, 2014

Life is all about discovering your passion

I 'd wager when you don't have something that's entirely or fully over your head and obsessed with, then you are probably not living the type of deeply passionate and wild life that you should be. There are of course those who will differ with me and consider themselves sound and rational and are prepared to batter me from all sides.

I would love to ask you one simple question. If you are only gliding through life, shoving from one meaningless quest to another, never having any motive to leap out of bed, no one to sleep in for later than you should with, and nothing that gets your hair standing up on end, I consider such life a misery. I am a kind of person who's always infatuated and fascinated by many things. I always carry my passions on my sleeves. I believe at the end of this post you'll also find out what your passion is.

Travelling opens up your world

Not everybody grew up knowing that in crossing a road, they must first look at both the right and left sides. This is truly a shocking encounter which I learnt when I was treading on the roads of Paris. I Had seen groups of kids only go streaming across the streets, without a care in the world. Miraculously, they made it to another side without incident every single time.

I got the opportunity to stop these kids and inquire them with extreme fascination why they never cared to look both ways while crossing the road and I was surprised to receive only empty stares and smiles. This was really my first shocking encounter of ethnic differences and these sorts of episodes I come across when I travel to distinct and unknown lands on earth. Such experiences is the one thing that continue to reinforce my obsession with traveling. Actually when you step out of your house that you do not understand exactly what you will encounter at the following turn. Quite naturally, a new place means a completely new range of expertises, one that will undoubtedly take you away from your daily routine, even the use of your own language.

Good photography lets you capture life's best moments

Most folks see photography as a hobby which allows one to capture images of events, special minutes, or things that got your attention right at that very minute. But I look at photography from a distinct angle.

I see photography as a time machine that delivers a window so which you can catch glimpses of your past and previous encounters which are imprinted in your thoughts but can never be produced. One thing that obsesses me about photography is that it's able to bring back all the sounds, the sweet scents of the occasion, emotions and feelings you had gone through nearly immediately when you click the image.

It also allows you to share the instant with those who weren't present at that time, though a part of it'll consistently stay a enigma. So, it is no surprise how some pictures can make a mark on your own head, eventhough you're competent to take only a few glance of them before they're chosen from you forever.

Everyone is born with a passion. What's yours?

I believe each 1 of us is born with fire. Some individuals refer to it as fixation while some others refer to it as gift. What you refer to it as is not important to me but what's more important is whether you've found them.

It's only when you've reached your deepest passion that you will have the ability to look at yourself from fresh outlook and only subsequently, life will be filled with this much vigor and exhilaration. You will love every instant of your life and live every second satisfactorily when you understand your passions.

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